The Kona Hybrid From £24,305
The New Kona Hybrid

The New Kona Hybrid

Hyundai Presents the wow factor

Confident and striking – from the powerful alloy wheel designs to the minimalistic headlights, this car is a hybrid more than just its powertrain, fusing small family hatchback functionality with a vibrant SUV style.

With a wide range of exterior colours – there’s something to match your personality

Life in motion

The refined, sophisticated interior of the Kona Hybrid reinforces the exterior design and offers plenty of technology to connect with your life. SE and Premium models feature black cloth seat upholstery, Premium SE upgrades to leather seat facings.

Hybrid performance

The compact electric motor works with the 1.6 litre petrol engine to improve fuel economy and achieve CO2 emissions as low as 90 g/km*. They also combine to maximise acceleration when required.

*SE model tested under WLTP regulations.

Hybrid powertrain consists of the petrol engine, electric motor, Lithium-Ion Polymer battery and Dual Clutch Transmission which are are engineered to function together for optimal efficiency.

Electric motor

High torque and high efficiency are the principal
attributes of the 43.5 PS electric motor. It delivers
impressive acceleration when starting, and can
add extra power at higher road speeds.

Lithium-ion polymer battery

The 1.56 kWh high-power battery has superior charge/discharge
characteristics, maximizing both electric driving and energy regeneration.

The new The New Kona Hybrid
The new The New Kona Hybrid
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