Frequently Asked Questions

New Cars

What is the tyre pressure for the Hyundai i20?

It’s important for you to maintain the tyre pressure of your Hyundai i20 at its optimum level of 30PSI. Failing to keep your tyre pressure at a suitable level can impact the performance and also the safety of your vehicle.

Can I buy a new Hyundai on finance?

​Yes. Buying a new Hyundai becomes significantly more affordable when taking advantage of the financing schemes available through the manufacturer. These schemes - which include PCP, Conditional Sale, and Personal Contract Hire - can all be discussed with the financing team at Berkeley Vale today. 

Are Hyundai’s reliable?

​When you purchase a new Hyundai from Berkeley Vale, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that you are investing in a model that guarantees reliability. This reassurance is extended even further with the manufacturer providing all new Hyundai’s with a five-year, fully transferable, unlimited mileage warranty.

What new car should I buy?

​Choosing a new vehicle to purchase is an exciting time, with so many models and manufacturers out there to choose from. That said, you should take into consideration such factors as your budget, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, and any such warranties associated with a new car. At Berkeley Vale, we believe that the Hyundai new car collection provides something for every taste and represents exceptional value for money. Take a look at the selection today to find out more. 

How quickly do new cars depreciate?

​While it’s true that the value of a brand new car depreciates the moment you drive it off the forecourt, you should be aware that the level of the drop is not always as drastic as some would have you believe. According to research by the AA, the value of your vehicle can drop between 10-40% in the first year of ownership; at the end of three years, this overall drop is expected to be 60% of the original price. It pays, of course, to look after your vehicle as much as possible, with regular servicing and health checks during your ownership.

What is the cheapest new Hyundai car?

​While we never like to think of any of our vehicles as ‘cheap’, the most affordable model in the new car range from Hyundai is the compact Hyundai i10. Take a look at our new car listing page for the i10 today to find out more about the vehicle. 

Can I afford a new car?

​We understand that buying a new car is a major purchase, but can reassure you that doing so needn’t be expensive. Thanks to Hyundai’s financing options - PCP, Personal Contract Hire, and Conditional Sale - you can pay affordable monthly repayments that won’t prove inhibitive. Speak to the team at Berkeley Vale today to learn about the finance plans available. 

What new Hyundai should I buy?

​When it comes to choosing a new Hyundai, you should take the time to consider your options and your own specific requirements. The new car range from the manufacturer features a host of models ranging from the compact city runaround that is the i10, to the bold and family friendly Hyundai Tucson, with a selection of stylish saloons, agile hatchbacks, and innovative electric models in between. Browse the latest lineup from Hyundai at Berkeley Vale today. 

What are the cheapest new cars to insure?

​The Hyundai i10 is one of the most affordable models to insure from any manufacturer and, as such, represents the ideal choice for first-time motorists and those looking to reduce their outgoings on travel. 

Used Cars

Are used cars reliable?

​We at Berkeley Vale understand the concerns some motorists may have when it comes to purchasing a used car. As such, we’re pleased to provide the reassurance that comes from having our team of experienced technicians conducting thorough inspections of the mechanical performance of our cars. Only once they’re happy do we make them available for sale

Can you lease a used car?

​We try to accommodate all purchasing needs at Berkeley Vale, whether that’s through part exchange, cash, or financing. To learn more about the potential to lease a used car, contact the team at our dealership today. 

Where can I buy used cars?

​We at Berkeley Vale are proud to offer a huge selection of pre-owned models, so feel free to visit our dealership in Alveston, Thornbury today. 

How do I buy a used car?

​A great place to start the process of buying a used car is by browsing the listings at Berkeley Vale. Take a look through the models we have available, then pay us a visit for a test drive. 

How quickly do used cars depreciate?

​Unlike new cars, the rate of depreciation is less drastic in used models. Of course, the level of depreciation still depends on the age of your model; those which are nearly new will still have the most to lose, but anything over seven or eight years old will have lost all the value it’s likely to lose. 

Are used cars cheaper to insure?

​The cost of vehicle insurance is based on a number of factors, most notably the driving experience of the policyholder and the value of the car. As such, you should expect newer cars to be more expensive to insure in comparison to used models. However, it’s worth shopping around for quotes to ensure you get the best deal. 

What used car should I buy?

Depending on your tastes and specific requirements, choosing a used car is entirely up to you! Our sales advisors will be happy to help you source the ideal vehicle, whether it’s one that offers exceptional power, or one that is the most economical in its fuel consumption.