Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid EV

New Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid EV

Plug In & Full Electric

Hyundai are raising the bar once again, this time it is the 2020 Model Year Ioniq Hybrid, Plug In Hybrid & its Full EV which have felt the benefit of new technology.

The Ioniq impressed audiences when it was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2016, and it continues as a conventional hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or an 'electric-only' model.

Here we focus on the versatile new Plug In Hybrid & EV which are available now through Berkeley Vale Hyundai in Thornbury, Gloucestershire.

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Why choose a Plug In Hybrid?

Definitely a question worth asking.

In simple terms the Ioniq Plug In is an electrified power train with a petrol engine to assist its range ability.

It is ideal for those who have concerns their driving needs maybe slightly compromised due to the range between a Full Electric.

When used as a conventional hybrid electric vehicle, a computer selectively operates between the engine and the electric motor – or even both at the same time depending on the level of power required to travel.

When it’s operating in electric mode, the vehicle is driven only using the electric motor
until the charge from the high voltage battery becomes too low, at which point it reverts
to the hybrid mode automatically.

Pure electric mode gives you up to 39 miles of zero tailpipe emissions, and while that may sound low, you should bear in mind that 600 miles is not an uncommon range reading for a fully charged and fuelled Ioniq Plug In Hybrid.

Making it quite simply one of the most economical cars produced today

Watch these images for guide to the Plug In Ioniq Hybrid Operation

Contemporary Looks, Class-Leading Interior Space

The five-door Ioniq has a neat, modern style, with a prominent grille flanked by wraparound headlights and large air intakes that emphasise its performance. A low roofline gives it a coupé-like appearance, as well as reducing its drag coefficient to just 0.24 – benefiting both performance and economy. Efficiency figures are yet to be released, but the original Korean edition achieves combined fuel consumption of 63.3mpg.

In the past, many hybrid cars have found their loadspace and legroom confined, due to the presence of a bulky battery. Hyundai’s innovative engineering has rendered this less of a problem; the vehicle offers excellent headroom and legroom for front and rear passengers, along with a highly respectable 750 litres of loadspace.

Ground-Breaking Hybrid Efficiency and Performance

The new Ioniq’s 1.6 litre, 104bhp “Kappa” naturally-aspirated petrol engine provides class-leading thermal efficiency and ready performance by itself, and this is only enhanced by the 43bhp electric motor. The combined torque output of 265Nm gives the Ioniq the ability to reach a theoretical top speed of 115mph. A dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission enables silky-smooth acceleration.

A Petrol Engine, Plus a DCT Transmission,

Plus an Electric Motor and you have a Hybrid

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The all-new Hyundai Ioniq is available to test drive at Berkeley Vale in Thornbury, Gloucestershire. Now in both Hybrid and Full Electric versions! Contact us to book your Test Drive and receive the latest info.

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