All-New Hyundai Nexo

New Hyundai Nexo Your next family car is waiting to be discovered in the new Hyundai i30. This smart and aerodynamic hatchback boasts modern interior designs, a range of reliable engines to choose from, as well as the latest achievements in motoring technology. In true Hyundai fashion, it is also an intelligent and efficient model, saving you money on fuel and keeping your CO2 emissions low.
Design The Hyundai Nexo is designed for efficiency but crafted for beauty. Dynamic and sophisticated with an aerodynamic silhouette, the Nexo is a breath of fresh air - quite literally. Small features like retractable door handles enhance the aerodynamics and reduce the Nexo’s drag to enhance its silent floatation on the road. It has a rising beltline that blends effortlessly to meet the falling roofline; smooth, sleek and surprisingly glamourous for a highly functional crossover. Up above, a sunroof adorns the cabin with light, air and enhances the spacious interior. Back on road level, smart five-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels break through the streamlined purity of the Nexo, reminding you of its firm and steady place on the road.
technology & innovation Seamless connectivity and innovative technology are everywhere you look in the all new Hyundai Nexo. The driver-focussed 12.3-inch widescreen, colour touchscreen navigation centre is intuitive and refreshing, both in its look and usability. It puts every conceivable control at your fingertips, with connectivity via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a split screen feature that allows you to select up to three function screens at any one time. The enhanced, premium KRELL sound system elevates sound clarity and wireless smartphone charging is the ultimate in modern convenience. Hyundai’s cutting-edge Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features a self-parking system and lane-following technology. Awarded a five-star Euro NCAP rating, the Nexo has safety all sewn up.
Comfort The all-new Nexo brings a new level of comfort with features like electronically-adjustable heated and ventilated front seats, and a heated steering wheel. Care and attention has been given to ensure that environmentally friendly bio-materials, like vegan leather, have been used throughout and still achieve a luxurious and indulgent feel. Space is no issue in the all-new Nexo either. The versatile boot has 461 litres of luggage space, which can be extended to 1,466 litres with the rear seats folded flat. Delivering best-in-class space, the all-new Nexo gives you ultimate versatility and space for luggage of all shapes and sizes.
Performance Hyundai’s second-generation emissions-free hydrogen fuel cell system presents unprecedented durability and efficiency. Just one hour of driving will produce more than 25kg of purified air which is enough for 42 people for one hour. Performance is unhampered by the economical efficiency of the Nexo, as it achieves 0-62mph in nine seconds. And, in terms of drive potential, you can travel from London to Sheffield and back again after a full refill. That’s an incredibly impressive range of 414 miles. Technology doesn’t stop there either; paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel adjust and optimise regenerative braking of the battery while on the move.
models and specification This next-gen hydrogen SUV is setting the world alight with its fuel cell system. It combines oxygen and hydrogen to create electrons that power the electric drive motor and charge the 1.56kWh high voltage battery. Hydrogen refuelling is easy, with fuel points appearing in many petrol stations. Simply attach the hydrogen 700 bar nozzle and refuel in approximately five minutes. The result? Incredible performance that produces purified air and droplets of clean water. It sounds inconceivable, but it’s reality with the all-new Nexo.
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